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Led by a visionary team of industry savvy professionals

Board Members

Led by a visionary team of industry savvy professionals, Trimurthi’s Board of Directors set the standard when it comes to professional integrity and operational transparency.

Arun Kumar Bhangadia

An industrious and enterprising businessman of the new age, Mr. Arun Kumar Bhangadia strikes the ideal balance between the multiple facets of his approach to business. Apart from heading Trimurthi Ltd and driving its business, he is the Vice Chairman of a co-operative bank, runs a philanthropic trust in the name of his late father Mr. Gopikishan Bhangadia, and is a trustee on several other charitable trusts.He actively oversees the management of Trimurthi Ltd’s interests in the Food, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Arvind Kumar Bhangadia
Managing Director

A meticulous and transparent executive, Mr. Arvind Kumar Bhangadia is a natural at management and finance. He oversees the financial arm of Trimurthi to ensure it not only complies with the company’s best interests but also with the expectations and hopes of the shareholders.

Ravi Bhangadia
Vice President

As multi-talented as they come, Ravi Bhangadia is a man of diverse interests. With a Bachelor’s of Technology in Civil Engineering and a Diploma in Family Business Management, Ravi Bhangadia is a Vice President at Trimurthi Ltd. and oversees the operations of its food processing and health supplements industries.

Aditya Bhangadia
Vice President

With a knack for marketing and positioning, Aditya Bhangadia holds an MBA in Marketing & Finance from a prestigious university in Singapore. At Trimurthi Ltd, he not only oversees the day-to-day marketing activities of the group on the whole but also the operations of its various divisions.

Ramswaroop Agarwal
Devender Kumar Rathi
Priyanka Barve