The product of unrelenting dynamism and adaptability


Trimurthi Limited is the product of its late founder Mr. Gopikishan Bhangadia’s unrelenting optimism and determination.

As an ambitious young man, he migrated to Hyderabad to study law but ended to create something of his own. Starting with a modest medical shop, he soon scaled the business up and expanded its operations. 

It was at this point that Mr. Arun Kumar Bhangadia — his son and the company’s current chairman — stepped up to play a more significant role in how the company is run and the direction in which its business expands. To keep up with the changing dynamics of the time, he diversified the company’s business to include interests in pharma as well as other sectors. By consistently diversifying over a period of time, ceased its financial operations and grew to become Trimurthi Limited — a dynamic group company with diverse interests.

Committed to building a business that represents the new age, Mr. Arun Kumar Bhangadia transformed Trimurthi Limited into a company that got listed on the Hyderabad Stock Exchange first and then on the Bombay Stock Exchange — Asia’s oldest exchange — soon becoming an investor favourite.

As a thoroughly diversified company, Trimurthi is made up of leading subsidiary companies such as Trimurthi Pharmaceuticals (India) Pvt Ltd and Trimurthi Foods Limited. Under the aegises of these well-established companies, Trimurthi oversees the development and delivery of exciting products and services through VEDASNEST — which provides health supplements for both adults and kids — and FUNSTUR — which makes tasty, top-quality namkeen snacks — along with MEDIGEN — a door-to-door medicine delivery app. CUROVA INDIA LLP, on the other hand, manufactures world- class n95 masks with plans to expand into several self-care and hygiene products in the future.