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Here is our Mission & Vision


As a tightly-run business with a long history and proven experience in our chosen fields, we aim to provide immense value to all our stakeholders and customers by creating a diversified business built on innovation and quality and is held together by strong, deeply-ingrained values.


Founded in the vision of Mr. Gopikishan Bhangadia, Trimurthi envisions a future where it delivers to its customers exactly what they need in the segments that matter the most to them. As such, in the coming months and years, we look forward to diversifying into segments that make a positive impact in people’s everyday lives while amalgamating existing markets with Trimurthi’s trademark factor of world-class quality and unrelenting customer commitment.

The Trimurthi Factor

As a highly diversified group listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, Trimurthi is known to be a pioneer in the industry segments it is actively involved with. Over the years, drawing from its vast store of industry experience, it brings to the table a unique set of advantages:
  • Sound financial background built on a proven track record of investments
  • Specialized teams to market new entrants, with proven experience in their respective segments
  • A wealth of cross-industry experience that allows us to understand, adapt, and optimize our marketing solutions with near-instant turnaround times
  • Cost-centric business methods that prioritise timely delivery, budget control, and process efficiency
  • Proven ability to capture both generic as well as ethical markets with systematic provisions for space and infrastructure